My First Challenge Tangled Piece

Hi! This is my first blog and first blog post! I am so excited to have started this for my tangling experience. I do not know exactly how I’m going to proceed with this blog so as of now, it is going to reflect my personal journey with my tangling.

My first blog is a posting of a tangle that I did for the Diva Weekly Tangle Challenge. I was very nervous in doing this challenge and kept telling myself that I’m not “good enough” to do challenges. But, we all need to step our of our comfort zone right? So I made this a challenge for myself too– I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone and not worry about what other people think of my tangle. In summary – this was two challenges for me. 1st to do a tangle using an unknown tangle and 2nd to step out of my comfort zone.  I think I did pretty good – what do you think?

The Hitched Heart


For more information about the Diva Weekly Tangle Challenge click here.





4 thoughts on “My First Challenge Tangled Piece

  1. this is terrific! I’m so glad you jumped in, and accepted the challenge…I really love the heart shape, and the little flux leaves full of fescu are just charming, lining the interior of your heart! Well done. Charming piece.


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